Cloud Recruitment

Cloud Recruitment

Cloud computing is changing the way we live. For Cloud recruitment services, Digital Skills has access to the talent you need to help migrate to a digital based environment. 

A company that has moved to the Cloud has taken either some or all of its financial, customer and operational data out of filing cabinets, local servers and off personal desktops and has transferred it onto a cloud network.

This is known as ‘Cloud migration’ or ‘digital transformation’.

Why use a Cloud recruitment specialist?

When seeking to attract and retain the best talent to help you migrate to the Cloud, it helps to turn to a Cloud recruitment specialist. It makes the process of finding the right person or team to help you complete your digital transformation initiative simple and worry-free.

It is estimated that by 2020, 65% of all software, technology, and services will be cloud-based. In order not to be left in the dark ages when this shift occurs, you should start making the change early. This means recruiting a Cloud specialist may become more difficult as take up becomes greater. It will therefore pay to let a Cloud recruitment specialist like Digital Skills help, as it will save you time and get your digital transformation venture up and running sooner.

  • What is Cloud computing?

If you’ve ever used Dropbox, Evernote or GoogleDocs then you’ve operated in a cloud environment. They are three well-known examples of cloud based ‘software-as-a-service’ (SaaS) offerings.

There are many benefits associated with using these Cloud based platforms: For one, you don’t need to buy a license. You simply sign up to a ‘freemium’ or paid monthly subscription in order to use the facility. And you can start reaping the benefits of using the service right away.

No licenses, no commitment, no downloads. What’s not to like?

  • Private Cloud networks

As well as SaaS products, there are also ‘private cloud networks’, which are provided by the likes of Amazon, Google or Rackspace. A private cloud network avoids corporations and companies having to bother with the complexity of servers and storage but want its data protected and ‘ring-fenced’ by the provider’s firewall for greater control and security.

From PDFs to Word documents; CRM systems to accounting platforms; today’s modern day digital enterprise is storing all of its platforms, systems and data either in a private virtual data ‘vault’ or on a shared ‘software as a service’ platform.

Need help finding and hiring the type of specialists that will make light of the journey? Contact Digital Skills – the number one in Cloud recruitment – today.