Full Stack Developer

Full stack developers prevent businesses from having to hire a number of specialists, which can save on time and investment. This makes them an especially good investment for smaller, less complicated projects.

The extent of the full stack developer's knowledge means they have the vision and ability to take control of an entire web development project. They know how the different components of a build relate to one another so that they combine to give the most dynamic results possible.

A handle on everything

The full stack developer has a handle on all elements of platform engineering – including databases, servers, systems engineering, and clients. Their work may involve developing a mobile, web or bespoke application that fits the clients’ needs.

From back-end functionality to front end design, full stack developers are highly valued for their breadth of knowledge and versatility. As well as seamlessly knitting together a website’s components, they are able to see through integration and help create the software frameworks for other specialists.

Excellent project managers

Larger companies may hire full stack developers to oversee more complicated ventures – especially if they demonstrate good organisational and people skills. Their wide knowledge gives them the advantage of seeing the ‘bigger picture', which means they often make brilliant project managers for bigger and more complicated digital transformation projects. 

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