UX and UI Design

If your objective is to increase conversion rates or reduce bounce-rates, then you'll need a strong team with UX and UI design knowledge to boost the usability and visual appeal of your website. 

What do UX / UI designers do?

The process of designing a website from scratch has two elements: On the one hand a website designer needs to create an interface that helps site visitors navigate their way through the platform with the intention of making the sales process as seamless and easy as possible. These types of experts and called ‘user experience’ or UX designers.

On the other hand, website designers take ownership of the visual appeal of the website, creating an attractive look and feel that is conducive with a company’s brand identity and message. They are known as ‘user interface – or UI - designers’.

It’s sometimes useful to think of the UX designer as the left brain or logical part of website design and the UI designer as the more creative thinking, right brained specialist.

Who do UX / UI designers work with?

UX and UI designers often work closely with marketing teams. It pays for them to have an in-depth knowledge of the target market and the type of people that the website is trying to attract. 

The more the UX / UI designer understands the psychology of the audience the more they will be able to provide them with a website that appeals.

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