Why a considered approach is best when preparing for IR35

December 18, 2019
With a budget in February 2020 looking likely, we’re likely to find out soon if the IR35 tax reform laws are to go ahead for sure. […]

Assembling a digital team if you’re in public procurement

December 10, 2019
In a push to make ‘digital by default’ the norm across the public sector, procurement officers have the responsibility of sourcing specific digital skills to facilitate […]

AI has arrived. Have you got a strategy?

July 15, 2019
When we think of artificial intelligence, we tend to think of the future. Human like robots slowly taking over our lives; jobs disappearing due to intelligent […]

The Eight Wonders of the Digital World

May 20, 2019
We’ve all heard it: The UK has a skills shortage and the country is going down the pan. Well perhaps that last bit is an over […]

Hiring Digital Experts for Government

April 12, 2019
Last year the UK Government approved over £80 billion to spend on a number of major transformation programmes. Around half of that spending is likely to […]

Thoughts on Solving the UK’s Skills Shortage

April 12, 2019
I recently wrote to the Government with an idea that had been rattling around in my head for quite while. The idea is for a system […]