Cloud Architect

With organisations looking to cut back on administration, increase collaboration between remote teams and reduce cash flow, more and more businesses are moving away from servers and networks and towards cloud computing. If you intend to follow suit, you'll need the support of a cloud architect. 

Why look to the cloud?

Cloud computing means moving everything digital from individual desktops and servers onto the types of virtual working environments supplied by the likes of Amazon, Google and Apple.

If you’re company is considering turning its back on fragmented, dated systems and software then cloud computing is for you. With the provision of a centralised digital storage facility that backs up in ‘real time’, teams and employees will have 24/7 access to the files they need – wherever they are.

A smooth, problem free transition to cloud computing

However, migrating to a cloud environment requires an overhaul of processes. Making the transformation can be highly disruptive to everyday business activities.

To make sure transitioning to the cloud is as smooth, secure and problem-free as possible; you’ll need the services, support and expertise of a cloud architect.

A cloud architect will put a strategy in place to prevent unnecessary down-time, make security a top priority and introduce a document management process to make the move easier.

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