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How to find – and hire – the digital consultants you need. A guide for procurement officers in government.

In a push to make ‘digital by default’ the norm across the public sector, procurement officers have the responsibility of sourcing people with specific skill-sets who can facilitate the often complex process of digital transformation.

To many, this is not an easy task.

Seamlessly embedding skills

As a team of digital talent experts, we can help you overcome any barriers you may face when hiring the skills you need.

Our network of consultants – many of whom have worked extensively in both local and central government before – will seamlessly blend into public sector life and turn your aspirations for digital transformation into a reality.

High calibre talent ready to go

Our consultants are all unique. They all have their own repertoire and together cover a broad and varying background in technology related industries.

Yet they also have one thing in common: They are all executive-level professionals that will come to you with a proven track-record and make the process of digital transformation easy and fluid.

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