Are you ready for IR35?

In April 2020, the Government plans to introduce new legislation that could affect the way contractors are hired. If you plan to work as a contractor or hire the services of a contractor after this time, then download our handy guides for top tips on how to stay compliant.

IR35 for hiring companies

The new IR35 legislation shifts the responsibility for determining whether a freelance contractor is really an independent or a part-time employee to the company. If the individual is deemed to be inside IR35, the the hiring company will be obliged to deduct income tax and national insurance from fees paid. 

Find out what you can do to prepare for the onset of IR35 and download our tick-sheet.

It'll help pave the way to IR35 compliance - no panic, no pressure. 

IR35 for Contractors

If you are a freelance consultant, then the onset of IR35 might fill you with dread. However, with the right advice defining whether you are in or out of IR35 does not have to be complicated.

There is a lot of information on the HMRC website about what consitutes falling either in or out of the legislation.

Alternatively, for some quick pointers, download our free to access PDF. If you are looking to retain your status as an independent entitiy, these ten tips will provide you with some handy pointers.