UI Design Recruitment

UI Design Recruitment

Hand your UI design recruitment needs to Digital Skills and we will provide you with a creative and experienced expert that will enhance the visual appeal of your website, platform or app.

 UI design refers to ‘user Interface design’, which is a skill that mainly applies to the creative design of websites, apps, operating systems and other technology or software platforms and products so that they are visually and in-keeping with brand and graphic design.

But what is an interface, and why does it need designing?

The interface is an essential part of the digital journey and is the first thing that a person will be faced with when they switch on their computer.

In all aspects of our life, aesthetic design is key: As human beings we are incredibly quick to judge something visually – and a website, software platform or app is no exception.

How it's used, how fast it is, how easy it is to navigate, how clear the information is and a whole host of other things go into UI design, whether it's for a website, program or product to make sure the user or visitor stays connected with the interface.

  • What does a UI designer do?

A UI designer focuses on the interface of a website, service or product. They use psychology and testing to ascertain the best way to present something to a user while ensuring that it ticks all the usual user satisfaction boxes.

A UI designer will seamlessly integrate features and aesthetics, keeping the brand in mind, in order to allow users to intuitively navigate and operate the interface or website. Users do best when things run smoothly, are clearly presented, works as it should and there's no confusion - a UI designer ensures that this is all in order.

  • Why do I need a UI designer?

UI design is essential to the user experience, and the user experience is essential to your bottom line. This means there may be a time when you need the help of a UI design recruitment specialist like Digital Skills.

Because it's so important to give a positive first impression to potential customers and site visitors, UI designers are paramount to happy, healthy websites that work for the user and not just for the search engines.

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